Representing Burn Injury Victims In Texas

Serious burns have devastating consequences for injured individuals and their families. They can leave permanent scarring that can limit movement, lead to multiple surgeries and prevent people from returning to work.

Established in 1951, Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner is the oldest personal injury law firm in Texas. Our burn injury attorneys have significant experience helping victims recover compensation for their injuries.

We understand that many our clients who are severely burned will never fully regain the lives they had prior to their accidents. Our goal is to maximize each client’s recovery.

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Burns Injuries at Home and in the Workplace

Our attorneys have represented burn victims who have been injured in a variety of workplace and home-related accidents:

  • The Consequences Of Burn Injuries
    • Burns are life-changing, and victims face a long, painful path to recovery.
      • In severe burn cases, victims must have breathing and feeding tubes.
      • Victims may receive intravenous vitamins, electrolytes, painkillers and anti-anxiety medicines.
      • Victims may be on dialysis machines to keep their kidneys from overworking.
      • After a series of long procedures, patients enter a critical stage of their recovery, which begins with doctors covering their burns with permanent skin grafts.

      Recovery is excruciatingly long, painful and expensive.

  • Medical Care For Burn Victims
    • For burn injury victims, particularly children, the long-term medical costs of treatment can be great. Multiple surgeries, skin grafts and other procedures may be necessary for years or even decades to come.

      If that is true in your case, it is crucial to make sure you receive the monetary compensation you need as you move forward with your life.

      Many questions need to be answered as you examine your legal options, including:

      • How much will your long-term medical treatment cost?
      • Will your injuries require multiple surgeries?
      • Will you be able to return to work?

      As you deal with the personal implications of what has happened to you, you can rely on our attorneys to take care of your legal issues and help you secure the monetary compensation you need.

  • Child Burn Injury Victims
    • Children suffering from serious burn injuries often have a long road to recovery before them.

      In short, these are often the most tragic and heart-wrenching cases. They will likely face pain and scarring, surgery and rehabilitation therapy.

      Parents, too, suffer the anguish of having to watch their child’s slow recovery from burn injuries and learn to face life again.

      As part of our personal injury practice, we work on behalf of child burn injury victims and their families to obtain compensation for pain, suffering, treatment and rehabilitation for physical and emotional injuries.

      Child burn injury victims often must work through the trauma of the initial burn and learn how to handle future challenges with peers and with self-esteem as they grow up. The effects of a child burn injury can be devastating.

  • The Long-Term Effects Of Child Burn Injuries
    • Simply put, these are some of the most tragic and heart-wrenching cases we see as personal injury attorneys. The suffering is not just physical, as children and parents also suffer emotionally throughout the recovery process.

      It is important for children to address the psychological problems associated with physical scarring. Medical treatments and counseling can be very costly, making it important to seek adequate monetary compensation for all of your losses.

      Physically, the pain of the burn is just the beginning. With skin growth and scar tissue formation, often physical or occupational therapy is required to help regain movement. Surgeries are required to repair and reconstruct burned areas through skin grafting. At all stages of burn treatment, physicians and caregivers must work to prevent infection.

      Because children are still growing, additional surgeries may be necessary throughout their childhood to eliminate scarring and aid a full recovery. The elimination of scarring and a return to normal life are the goals.

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In cases such as these, we regularly consult with medical professionals. Our staff includes a doctor, a nurse and an attorney who has a Juris Doctorate as well as a Doctor of Medicine (J.D., M.D.).

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