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istockHoustonians enjoy many of the nearby recreational opportunities provided by the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, many people take advantage of the numerous lakes in the region for boating and swimming.

Unfortunately, the benefits of water recreation sometimes come with a cost. Injuries and deaths while boating happen more frequently than many imagine. Many of these boating collisions are caused by a lack of safety measures or by operator negligence.

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Causes of Boating Injuries and Deaths

Although some boating accidents are just that – accidents – others are the result of another person’s carelessness or negligence. People may be held liable for accidents caused by:

  • Drunk boating
  • Operating a boat too fast
  • Reckless operation

There can be other reasons for collisions between boats and other objects, including:

  • Poor lighting on boats or on buildings and other objects
  • Lack of warning signs or incorrect warning signs
  • Debris in waterways

In some instances, boating accidents result in property damage to sometimes very costly watercraft. In other instances, the consequences are much more serious. People can drown, slip and fall, be struck, and suffer serious head injuries, amputations, or brain damage. and head injuries.

Although the causes of boating accidents are often similar to those involving motor vehicles such as cars and trucks, separate laws govern the operation of watercraft. If you were hurt or lost a loved one because of a drunk boater or because someone was speeding, it is important to find out whether you might be entitled to compensation.

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