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Two Dead and One Critical Injured After Major Airplane Crash in McKinney, Texas

On June 29, 2024, a 190 twin-engine Cessna 414A crashed in McKinney, Texas killing two people and critically injuring a third. City officials and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported that the Cessna aircraft departed McKinney National Airport at 10:22 a.m. and appeared to have impacted the ground in an inverted position just seconds…

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Concrete Pumping and Injury to Workers

In the last couple of decades, the prevalence of concrete pumping trucks has become more frequent within the construction industry. Concrete pumping trucks significantly reduce the manpower and time needed to move concrete from the mixing truck to where it is needed in the construction site. Concrete pumping trucks have a pump mounted on the…

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Tesla Recalls 4,000 Cybertruck Pickups Due to Issue with Accelerator Pedal

Tesla, the largest vehicle manufacturer in the United States, is voluntarily recalling nearly 4,000 Cybertruck vehicles due to a faulty accelerator pedal. This recall includes all 2024 Cybertruck vehicles manufactured from November 13, 2023 to April 4, 2024. The recall was issued because the accelerator pedal can get stuck, thus increasing the risk of crashes….

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Understanding Causation in Texas Personal Injury Cases

Causation is a critical element in personal injury cases. In Texas, proving causation means demonstrating that the defendant’s actions directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Without establishing causation, a personal injury claim cannot succeed, regardless of the severity of the injuries or the extent of the damages. In Texas personal injury law, causation consists of two…

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Toyota January 2024 Recall Over Takata Airbags

In January 2024, Toyota, a global automotive giant known for its reliability, made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The company issued a sweeping recall affecting vehicles with Takata airbags, citing serious safety concerns that had potentially catastrophic consequences for consumers. This blog delves deep into the alarming details of this recall, exposing the true…

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Negligently Discharged

On Wednesday, March 27, 2024, the 8th Court of Appeals upheld El Paso County trial court’s decision to deny summary judgment in a lawsuit involving Dr. Robert R. Ochoa, an emergency department doctor accused of negligently supervising physician assistant Jose Rincon. Rincon treated the patient, Leticia Avila, in 2016 following a fall, diagnosing her with…

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