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Our Clients Are Talking

People who have been injured in a serious workplace accident or car crash have a lot of questions and worries. They are in pain. They are unable to work. They have medical bills. Life just became much more difficult.

For 70 years, the Houston personal injury attorneys at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner have been working hard for injured people and families that have lost a loved one in a fatal accident. To learn more about how we can help you with your case, call 713-396-3964 (toll free 800-594-4884) or contact our office online.

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Our Family Will Always Be Thankful

When my sister was injured from being thrown from a golf cart our family was devastated. A combination of factors contributed to her injury all of which were caused by third parties. After much family discussion we decided to engage a law firm to represent her interests. We spent quite a while researching firms in our area and every time we got suggestions from our experts Abraham Watkins was always on the list. Based on this information we called Abraham Watkins and were directed to one of their partners, Benny Agosto. Benny met with us that same day and we were very impressed with his professionalism and his kind heart. We engaged Benny and his firm right on the spot. Throughout the legal proceedings, Benny kept us well informed, was very responsive and proved his capabilities. We ultimately settled the case and could not have asked for better representation. Benny is a “classy” guy and our family will always be thankful.
– Posted by James on Avvo.com

Handled with Utmost Satisfaction

“My attorney was recommended to my family when I was on a ventilator after an auto accident, as were other lawyers. The family talked to several of these lawyers and he was the only one that very specifically explained that until we had some of the facts of the accident we wouldn’t know what legal services we would need, when the other lawyers were pressuring my wife to immediately sign contracts. He explained everything that we would go through with the hospitals, defense attorneys, etc… every step of the way and he or his staff was always on hand to answer any questions that we had or supply us with any information. We always felt like we were a part of the process, which because of the length of time it takes to settle these lawsuits can be an issue. Our case was handled with the utmost satisfaction and I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal services in his area of expertise.”
– Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Will Fight for You

“Attorney Aziz is a very personable lawyer, who took a very sensitive case regarding my son and his family. He worked hard to take care of a very sensitive issue, he listened to all of our concerns and is a very aggressive lawyer in the court room and will fight for what you deserve and what is right.”
– Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Professional and Trustworthy Attorney

“Our first and we hope our only experience with a lawsuit was handled so professionally and managed so well by our attorney[…]. It was a stressful event that was made much easier to endure. [He] was able to keep our perspective and expectations realistic by providing continual information and guidance all along the way. We had a very successful outcome in our journey with [him] and would recommend his capabilities to anyone that needs a trustworthy attorney to represent them.” – Posted by Client

Couldn't Be More Pleased

“My sister was severely injured caused by being thrown from a golf cart. A combination of factors contributed to her injuries all of which were caused by third parties. We spent a considerable amount of time researching law firms in our area to represent my sister’s interest. Based on many recommendations we decided to speak to the firm of Abraham Watkins. Our initial meeting was with Benny Agosto, one of the firm’s partners. Based on this meeting we engaged their law firm. Early in our representation we were introduced to Brant Stogner another well accomplished attorney with their firm. When we first met Brant we knew we had the right person to represent our family. We had no experience with this type of litigation but knew we wanted a smart, honest and quality lawyer representing us and we weren’t disappointed. Our family couldn’t be more pleased with his representation and the end result. It was a real pleasure dealing with Brant.” – Posted by James on Avvo.com

Excellent Attorney

“I was introduced to [my attorney] through a group of investors that had a challenging situation regarding an investment that each had made individually. Although there were over 20 individual investors involved in the case, [our Abraham Watkins attorney] made sure that everyone was kept informed of the status of lawsuit and the uphill battles that we may be faced with. After several years of litigation, [he] and his team were successful in bringing a very positive conclusion to the issues. While I hope to never be involved in any future litigation, I would definitely turn to [him] and his team to represent me if needed.” – Posted by Client

Happy Client

“I’m very pleased with how quickly, thoroughly and professionally (my attorney) handled my case against the driver who hit me. (His) resourcefulness overcame obstacles that a less dedicated attorney might have seen as a reason not to take the case. He has also been remarkably responsive to all my questions and concerns. I’m very happy to recommend him and his firm.” – Posted by Client

Upstanding Attorney.

“I would recommend Jay to anyone that is need of an attorney fighting an insurance company. He is an honest and upstanding guy that will tell you like it is. His biggest concern will be making you whole for your losses. He is the kind of guy that will put you first as it should be and not the other way around. I hope I’m never put in a position to need a lawyer again, but if I do he would surely be the first person I would call.”– Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Praise for Brant Stogner

“I can’t say enough good things about Brant Stogner. I didn’t know a thing about the law and he sat me down and explained everything to me. Brant seemed to always know what I needed and when I needed it. He and his legal assistant were wonderful through all three years of my agony, and I wouldn’t have made it through it without them. Would recommend them to anyone!”– Posted by Client

Exceeded My Expectations

“I have been represented by Benny Agosto in two cases, both resulting in excellent outcomes and exceeding my expectations. The last time I worked with Benny was a special one due to the fact that I recommended his services to 14 of my work colleagues. They all took my advice with some reservations, but after the results of their cases, they all were very pleased and satisfied and thankful for the recommendation. These are some of the reasons I would not hesitate to use his services again if needed.”
– Posted by client on Avvo.com

Excellent Attorney

“It was a sincere pleasure working with Brant Stogner and having him represent me. He embodied that word, represent. I came to understand that Brant took on my case with personal interest and enthusiasm. He fought for me and my family as if we were lifelong friends. He brings a disarming and comforting demeanor to his clients and a stern and confident approach towards the opposing attorney. If I am ever in need of an attorney again I will have no hesitation in hiring Brant Stogner or referring him to friends and family. Thank you Brant for fighting for me.” – Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Happy with Result

“[My attorney] and his firm were wonderful to work with. The case went on for years, but [he] was always willing to explain the issues and procedures involved. He also provided invaluable guidance during the process. It took a great amount of patience from [him] to deal with the number of plaintiffs involved and the complexity of the legal issues. I was extremely happy with the end result and would definitely refer friends and family to [my Abraham Watkins Attorney] and his firm.”– Posted by Client

Best of the Best

“Awesome law firm! They are the BEST of the BEST. This law firm does not need any advertisements or commercials to get their name out there! If you want to get your case going in the right direction, they are there for you. All the attorneys in this firm are top notch. They will get er done. These are the professionals. You will feel at ease and be treated with kindness and respect. Our attorney Mr. Stogner was GREAT and the firm and everyone associated with them were totally professional. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it!”
– Posted by Sandra on Google.com

Outstanding Outcome

“Brant Stogner is a very trustworthy and an all-around great attorney. He handled my case with class and achieved an outstanding outcome for me. I highly recommend him and the firm.”– Posted by Rob on FindLaw.com

Personal Interest At Heart

“Imrana represented me in a medical malpractice lawsuit and was outstanding. Imrana kept me well informed and if I had any question regarding my case I could send her an email and she would respond the same day. After 36 years in law enforcement and dealing with many attorneys, I can honestly say Imrana is professional, honest, and has your personal interest at heart. I strongly recommend her.” – Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Trustworthy Firm

“This is a great firm to trust with any situation you may have, [my attorney] was informative while working on my case. I must also give credit to his assistant […] for her role in providing up to date information by phone or by e-mail. If I ever need an attorney again [he] and [the partners] will be my first call.”– Posted by Client


Auto Accident

“It was wonderful having Benny Agosto for a lawyer. He was very professional and explained everything perfectly. He got us the maximum amount of money and was a very nice person. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or use him again.” – Posted by client on Avvo.com

Great Lawyer. Great Experience.

“Brant was a great lawyer. He was very knowledgeable and fought hard to get me what I deserved. I would definitely recommend him to a friend or family member.” – Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Grateful for Our Attorney's Professionalism in Our Case

“My husband and I have been working with the Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner law firm for a little over two years. I would recommend to anyone looking for an attorney to use this law firm. I feel you will not find a firm around that will do a better job in representing you in your endeavors. We were represented by Brant Stogner and really feel like no one else could have done better for us than he did. He went out of his way and went above board to make sure we were happy and taken care of.” – Posted by Sandy on Avvo.com

Personable, Responsive, Caring Attorney

“I would highly recommend Brant Stogner to anyone. His whole office is very personable and sweet. They responded to me very quickly with all matters. He is a great lawyer and really cares about his clients.”– Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Great Lawyer

“I have no complaints. My attorney did a very good job on explaining the details on everything that I was going through with my case. He got my case settled in no time. I will sure spread the word about him. He is a very great lawyer.”– Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Best Attorney Because He Cares

“[My Abraham Watkins Attorney was] good at asking the right questions. He listened to our concerns and addressed them. He was a great guide through this hard process. I hope never to have to use his services in the future, but if I have to, I know [he] will be there to help.” – Posted by Client

This choice affects the rest of your life. Make the right choice with Brant Stogner.

“Brant Stogner with Abraham Watkins is a superior attorney. His experience is first rate. He collects the facts, and presents them in a mannerly fashion. But if push comes to shove he has got your back. He is down to earth, to the point and yet a warm individual that takes time to understand where you are coming from. Good man…EXCELLENT attorney and when you are in a case that involves your future this is the kind of attorney you need. The entire Firm is warm and gracious and of the highest standards. No Billboard, TV lawyers at this firm. They take the rest of YOUR life seriously.” – Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Satisfied Client

“I was very satisfied with the services I received from my attorney. He was very thorough in his investigation and was sure to inform me of all of my options. The staff was always polite and easy to get in contact with. His legal secretary, Angie, was extremely helpful and always very informative.”
– Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Justice for a Paralyzed Truck Accident Victim and His Wife

“When my husband had a catastrophic semi accident and became a quadriplegic, I went to Mo because I saw him in the Texas Lawyers book, and I’m so glad I did. After hearing my problem, he explained to me in great detail what could, and could not be done, and what he was going to do. It took a little over 4 years, during which time, my husband passed away from his injuries. Mo was there every step of the way, keeping me completely informed and answering any questions I had (even though I’m sure most of them were kind of stupid). He was never more than a phone call away, and his advice and counsel were 100% spot on. When it was inconvenient for me to go to his office, Mo came to me. When I didn’t quite understand a thing, Mo took time and patiently explained it to me, without talking to me like I was an idiot.” – Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Top Notch Attorney!

“[My attorney] did a wonderful job handling my case. He was professional, personable, diligent and very knowledgeable about the law. I highly recommend him.” – Posted by Client

Couldn't Have Asked for More

“Very helpful and could not have asked for more. Brant has been wonderful and has handled himself and everyone with the utmost professionalism.” – Posted by Client

Recommend to Anyone

[My attorney] was amazing! He was a true blessing for me. He is very straightforward from the beginning to the very end! I would truly recommend him to anyone! – Posted by Client

Thanks for a Job Well Done!

“It was never our intention to hire an attorney to represent my wife and I after her accident. But, things go. We were left with no choice. My daughter was working for another law firm that did not do personal injury cases, and it was suggested that we speak to Brant Stogner. We made the appointment and went in to meet Brant with no clear direction as to what we were going to do. After meeting Brant, my wife was at ease and very comfortable with Brant. There were never any outlandish promises or demands that were made. As things progressed, Brant worked with us and walked us through the entire process: the deposition, the mediation, and finally the settlement. Could not have been more pleased with the final settlement and all the hard work that Brant put into the case. The entire staff was great and helpful not to mention very patient. Thanks for a job well done!” – Posted by Donald on Google.com

Grateful for Hard Work, Honesty and Professionalism

“I highly recommend the representation of my attorney at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner. He is a honest and trustworthy person, and that’s what made me feel assured that I would be well represented. Other attorneys didn’t put importance to my case, but he and his team took my case and the outcome was great. My family and I are very grateful, for his hard work, honesty and professionalism.” – Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

A Complete Win

“I cannot say enough good about my attorney and his team. They kept me fully informed of the case happenings for the almost 3 years that this terrible thing was going on. The suit was concerning a family member and he was very sympathetic to the circumstances. It wasn’t a “hey, just give me the money” relationship. He got the facts and pursued on a contingency basis and in my opinion was a complete win and relief. The family member offered a settlement on the day of the trial and it was over! He was confident of a win, but knew it was time to get it over with.” – Posted by Steve on Avvo.com

Friendly, Respectable, and Helpful

“Mr. Agosto is definitely the way to go. He and his firm were always friendly, respectable, and helpful. Not to mention his assistants were extremely thorough. They definitely can assist you in every area. I recommend if you are interested in the biggest bang for your buck, then give Mr. Agosto a try. You won’t regret it.”– Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Impressed With Honesty and Communication

“I was referred to Muhammad Aziz from a different law firm, who believed him to be better suited for my sensitive case. I was very impressed with his confidence and his honesty with me in regards to my then predicament. Communication was a huge plus, all questions and concerns were addressed and I was updated periodically throughout as the case progressed. It was a lengthy case but Muhammad and Jessica, his legal assistant, were very helpful and informative throughout the whole process.” – Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Excellent Lawyer: Very Intelligent and Knowledgeable

“Benny Agosto Jr. is a very professional lawyer. He is also a great man. He keeps his clients informed on their case. He also cares about their welfare and their family. He goes above and beyond what he is asked to do. Also he has a great staff. They are very hospitable and answer any questions and help out as much as they can. I would recommend Mr. Agosto to anyone who needs his assistance. I would use him again if needed.” – Posted by Tommy on Avvo.com

My attorney with Abraham Watkins is a Great Lawyer

“My attorney with Abraham Watkins was very professional in handling my lawsuit when I got badly injured at work. They also got me terrific financial results that have really helped my family since I can no longer work due to the injury. I highly recommend them for any personal injury lawsuit.”– Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Professional, Helpful and Highly Recommended

“Brant was professional and helpful. We were able to settle out of court and finally fix our home. He is a great listener and negotiator. I highly recommend Brant and his law firm.” – Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Will Recommend Her to Anyone!

“I was in an automobile accident that caused a spinal injury and my ability to walk was an issue. I needed surgery. I was confused about what to do and had no idea how to do it. So I contacted a lawyer and he then recommended Imrana. What I didn’t know was that because I was on Medicare everything was twice as complicated. I called her and was immediately set at ease with her frank professionalism and caring compassion. Traits rarely found, much less together!!! She went to work at it and followed me through the doctor’s appointments, the surgery, and the rehab. All along the way she was working with the various insurance entities and keeping the ball rolling in a very timely fashion. She made sure that all bills were taken care of, including the ambulance ride. Thorough and complete, above average competence, empathetic, and honest. To me this wasn’t about money. It was about getting back to walking. With that being said, she did get the amount allowed by law, and yes, I’m walking again. I know you might say she didn’t have anything to do with that, but I assure you that without her, I don’t believe I would have received the same quality of care. And with her background in the medical field, she understood all facets of the procedures and could explain them to me. I will describe her character like this: honest, trust-worthy, professionally qualified, and compassionate. I will recommend her to anyone!!! But, before I go, there is one more thing that I must add; her communication, ethics, and skills are impeccable!!! I have never called and not been able to talk to her or her assistant, or gone more than 24 hours for her to return my requested call back. I can’t say enough about her. Just call and you will see what I mean.” – Posted by John on FindLaw.com

Thank you Brant

“A very good attorney, did what needed to be done for me, and his office staff is fabulous. I felt like he went above and beyond in order to take care of me and my case. When the Insurance for the other party was not sufficient, he went after my insurance – which was tougher than going after the insurance of the guy who hit me. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.” – Posted by Claudia on Avvo.com

Impressed by Research and Professionalism

“I heartily recommend my attorney, attorney for Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner, who represented my wife P.G. and myself, in a medical malpractice action brought against a doctor. What impressed me about his approach to the case was: 1. his dogged and thorough research into all the relevant particulars (records, depositions, and investigation by no less than four experts in the appropriate areas of expertise) relative to the primary defendant; 2. his research into potential inclusion of additional defendants associated with the case; and 3. his patient professionalism in keeping plaintiffs informed of developments, plus his wise evaluations after discovery of new information and how it would impact previous case strategy.” – Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Great PI Attorney!

Imrana is who myself, and everyone from The Wadhawan Law Firm goes to when we have a simple or a complex Personal Injury problem. Imrana is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to not only knowing the law surrounding personal injury, but the actual medical effects from said injury!– Posted by Tony on Avvo.com

Case Settled

“Mr. Brant Stogner was very focused and attentive to my case. He made sure I got the medical care I needed when I needed it. He kept me informed of any and all changes. I don’t think I would have made it through these past three years without his help. Thank you Brant.”– Posted by Teresa on Avvo.com

Highly Recommend

“My attorney and his staff were very knowledgeable and courteous. I could always call the office and get answers to my questions. They even helped with other personal matters.”– Posted by Ivy on Avvo.com

Best Attorney

“We fell in love with Mo. He made us feel very comfortable and he assured us that he was going to do his very best. – Posted by Client

My attorney - Best Attorney in the WORLD!

“My attorney was very professional, but personal as well. He was very informative the whole step of the way. He was always available and willing to explain. He is hands down the best!!!” – Posted by Ann on Avvo.com

Determined to Achieve the Best Outcome

“The team at AW was great. During the most stressful time of my life they were there walking me through it. I’m very grateful for their professional hospitality and determination to achieve the best outcome. Thank you!” – Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Great Service

“Your services were great in every way.” – Posted by Client

Great Service

“Your services were great in every way.” – Posted by Client

Great Communication

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with this law firm. Very good and never let too much time pass without any sort of communication. I was never left in the dark!! Always had great communication. – Posted by Dianne on Avvo.com

Changed My Life!

“The absolute worst thing that could happen to anyone is sexual assault. Anyone! I was afraid to say anything for fear that my voice wouldn’t be heard. Turns out, I was right. The local PD ignored my report that took so much for me to do to begin with. Many people are assaulted and those people are never the same again. I can honestly say that includes me.I was referred to Benny Agosto over a year after my assault. My first attorney wasn’t brave enough to stand up to the wealthy opposition. Benny never wavered. Benny and Shari, his assistant, literally held my hand through the toughest legal battle of my life. Benny never gave up on me and with his professionalism, knowledge and strength, the opposition was FORCED to comply. I am a single mother with a 23 year old mentally disabled son. I must work to provide for both of us for the duration of our lives. When something renders a person like me unable to function, leave my home or even eat, it is life threatening. My whole experience was life threatening for my son and me. I am forever grateful for Benny Agosto and his firm for assuring that some kind of justice was served. I only wish that the Galveston PD had done their jobs as well.Now that it’s over, my son and I can move on. With God’s blessings, we will be able to put our lives back together. Thank God for people like Mr. Agosto and his firm. Sometimes the only justice we can get may be a nod, a few dollars or maybe just, “Yes, this shouldn’t have happened and we admit that” plus a couple hundred grand.” – Posted by Client on Avvo.com

Caring Attorney

“Mo was respectful, understanding and truly concerned about me – not just my case! He was also very informative and answered all of my questions.” – Posted by Client

Very Satisfied with Service and Staff

“I was very satisfied with the service and the people I dealt with. I thank God for Mo because he is a good man and did good.” – Posted by Client

Outstanding Legal Representation

“Mrs. Manzanares was professional and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciated most how she always kept me informed and answered all questions.”– Posted by Helen on Avvo.com

Nice Firm

“Very nice firm. Would work with again if necessary.” – Posted by Client

Great Communication

“I appreciate his (Brant’s) honesty and his assistant’s communication. The response to my questions and concerns were prompt.” – Posted by Client on FindLaw.com

Happy with Result

“Mo is a very good attorney and I am very happy with what he did for my grandchildren.” – Posted by Client

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