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Family of Girl Brain Damaged by Dentist Awarded $95,000,000.00

After a trial that lasted several days, a Harris County jury awarded the family of Nevaeh Hall $95,000,000.00. The jury found former dentist, Bethaniel Jefferson, to be negligent in her treatment of Nevaeh. Neveah’s family testified that she suffered drug-induced seizures and oxygen at the Diamond Dental Practice in January 2016. Neveah, now conscious, requires…

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Abraham Watkins

The Problem of Elopement From Memory Care Facilities

If your parent has Alzheimer’s or dementia, a memory care unit may become an integral part of your loved one’s treatment plan. Memory care units provide the around-the-clock supervision and advanced medical care that individuals with these conditions require–the type of care that family members usually cannot offer. When you place your loved one in…

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