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Houston, Texas, Hurricane Ike Insurance Claims Attorneys

The Gulf Coast has been hit hard by several powerful storms in recent years, including Hurricane Ike. This has led to extensive damage and many insurance claims. If you feel like your claim has been wrongfully denied or you have questions about your rights pertaining to your insurance policy, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer.

Since 1951, Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner has provided individuals and families throughout the Gulf Coast with high-quality personal service and skilled legal representation. You can rely on our attorneys to help you file claims to hold insurance companies accountable for their actions and put you in a favorable position to receive the benefits you need.

To discuss your hurricane insurance claims case with an experienced attorney, contact our firm online or call 713-396-3964 (toll free 800-594-4884) today.

Were You Sold a Policy That Lacks the Coverage You Need?

A common problem people have run into in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike and other storms is finding out that their hurricane insurance policy doesn’t provide any real coverage. If you have been sold such a fraudulent policy, you may be able to pursue a bad faith insurance claim.

Other examples of insurance bad faith would be an insurance company lowballing your claim or completely denying your claim even though your policy is supposed to cover the damage. If we can prove bad faith, you may be entitled to punitive damages in addition to compensation for your economic losses.

Call 713-396-3964 (toll free 800-594-4884) or contact us online to arrange a free case evaluation with one of our experienced lawyers.

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