Woman Decapitated by Gate at Park

Esther Nakajigo, then 25 years-old, went to Arches National Park with her husband to enjoy the landmarks. Unfortunately, the trip ended in tragedy. According to a wrongful death administrative claim, Nakajigo was “needlessly decapitated” by a metal gate that swung into the couple’s car as they were exiting the parking lot.

The claim describes the incident as “the end of the lance-like gate pierced the side of their car and penetrated it like a hot knife through butter.” More than $270 million in damages is being sought from the National Park Service. The claim alleges that if the park employees had correctly installed the gate to not swing into oncoming traffic or placed an $8 padlock on the gate to secure it from moving in the wind, the incident would not have occurred. Unfortunately, similar incidents have occurred in the past, including another one on federal property in 1980. In that case, a camper was impaled by a U.S. Forest Service road closure gate.

Nakajigo was described as “a young woman influencer destined to become our society’s future Princess Diana, Philanthropist Melinda Gates, or Oprah Winfrey.” She was known as a women’s right champion in Uganda; she was named Uganda’s ambassador for women and girls.

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