New Remington Rifle Recall

Remington Arms Co., the nation’s oldest firearms company, announced in April that it would be conducting a nationwide recall of its Model 700 and Model Seven rifles equipped with the X-Mark Pro trigger. According to Remington, “excess bonding agent” could cause some of the rifles to accidentally discharge. This recall applies to all of the rifles that were manufactured between May 1, 2006 and April 9, 2014.

Retailers selling the rifles have shipped all of their stock back to Remington to have the trigger mechanisms cleaned. The Remington website lists more than 40 different Model 700 rifles. If you own a Remington rifle, you can log on to the company’s website to determine if your rifle is one of the recalled models.

Remington is no stranger to large scale recalls. In 2001, Richard Barber, a shooting instructor, sued the company claiming that a defective Model 700 was responsible for the death of his 9-year old son. His efforts led to a recall of 2.5 million Remington rifles in 2002 to modify a safety on bolt-action rifles.

In 2011 a CNBC investigation of Remington found that more than 75 lawsuits had been filed against the company alleging that the trigger was prone to fire without being touched. In response to this investigation Remington the company stated it’s Model 700, “including the trigger mechanism, has been free from any defect since it was first produced…” However, if your rifle is one of the models recalled, Remington warns “Stop Using Your Rifle.” Given that the defect is unintended discharge, this warning should certainly be heeded.

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