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Toyota to Recall Nearly 3 Million Cars for Defective Takata Airbags

Photo of Eric Gerard

Last month, Toyota issued another recall on various vehicle models due to defective front passenger airbag inflators. The defect has been linked to a number of reported injuries and deaths, heightening pressure on auto manufacturers of cars that use the offending airbags, as well as on government regulators to press for industry action.

Conroe Chemical Plant Explosion Believed Accidental, Investigation Continues

Photo of Brian Humphrey

On Friday, August 14, Conroe was rocked by a massive explosion at the DrillChem Drilling Services plant on North Loop 336. Investigators now say that they do not suspect foul play.

Tips for School Bus Safety

school bus.jpg

It's that time again - school is starting in Houston. Many Houston schoolchildren ride the bus each day; there are more than 1,100 school buses making 900 stops daily. Although most of these journeys are uneventful, there have been recent stories about school bus accidents in the region that give parents nightmares.

Last April, two Houston Independent School District buses collided. More than a dozen children were injured. Early reports referred to a missing stop sign as one of the factors in the crash that also sent the driver to the hospital. In May, eight Furr High School students were transported to the hospital after an accident on Highway 59.

These are just two of last school year's crashes involving school buses. Accidents will happen again this year despite everyone's best efforts. In the mode of "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst," our law firm offers some tips for staying safe while riding the bus. Some of these tips come from Houston's Chanel 2.

E. Coli Recall Issued on Bottled Water

Photo of Muhammad Aziz

Niagara Bottling LLC, a California-based bottled water producer, has issued a recall on bottled water with the date range June 10th through the 18th. The recall was prompted from an E. coli scare when one of the plants tested positive for the bacteria. Stan Bratskeir, spokesman for Niagara, stated that the Department of Environmental Control and the Department of Agriculture notified the company of the plant's positive test results. This finding prompted the family-owned company to issue a voluntary recall. Bratskeir also stated the company has terminated all business relations with Far Away Springs, the water source. In addition, Bratskeir said the recalled water was from two Pennsylvania plants that account for less than 3% of Niagara's overall intake volume. The CDC recommended not drinking any of the recalled products and that people should contact their local or state health department if suspected to have consumed contaminated water.

Truck Driver Fatigue Can Cause Serious Accidents

Photo of Imrana Manzanares

According to the Department of Transportation, there was an average of 868 big rig crashes per day in 2012. This resulted in an average of 11 fatalities and 200 injuries every day. A 2006 Large Truck Crash Causation Study found that 13 percent of commercial motor vehicle drivers were found to be fatigued at the time of a serious crash..

Hospitals and the Growing Rate of Anti-Biotic Resistant Bacteria

Photo of Randy Sorrels

Every year, well over half a million people come down with infections during hospital visits, with 75,000 dying from them. Part of the problem is the ease at which bacteria can spread at hospitals, with sick people flowing into where compromised people already are. Many treatments weaken immune systems, allowing the bacteria to fester at a rapid pace. This also allows for super bugs to grow resistance to medications while killing off a person's protective bacteria.

Medical Malpractice Can Be Criminal

med mal surgeons.jpg

It doesn't happen often, but some doctors are charged with criminal offenses when they commit medical malpractice. This means that in addition to any civil lawsuits that patients file against them, doctors could also face criminal charges - charges that could result in prison time if courts convict them.

Kroger Recalls Products Tested Positive for Salmonella

Photo of Sammy Ford

Kroger, the grocery store chain, has a nationwide recall on several of its spices that have tested positive for Salmonella. The four spices in question are: Kroger Ground Cinnamon, Kroger Garlic Power, Kroger Bac'n Buds, and Kroger Coarse Ground Black Pepper.

Teenage Drunk Driving

Photo of Brant Stogner

Teenagers who have been drinking and subsequently decide to drive can pose a major threat to other drivers and themselves. Due to summer break, teens have extra time for fun activities and have more time on their hands than during the school semesters.

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