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When a gas leak goes ignored by the utility company, a pipeline could explode, destroying a residential neighborhood and damaging dozens of homes — like the San Bruno explosion. Unfixed safety problems on an offshore drilling rig can cause a major blowout that cannot be stopped, resulting in a catastrophic oil spill — like the Deepwater Horizon disaster. And scientists warn of groundwater contamination and environmental damage from hydro fracking, yet hydro fracking continues unfettered throughout the United States, including in Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, West Virginia and Ohio.

All of these situations and more have caused and will continue to cause serious oil and gas property damage.

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At Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner, our litigation attorneys stand up for individual people and small businesses against large corporate interests. Big business is often made out to be a villain, actively trying to block your right to justice, but closer to the truth is that big business simply isn’t concerned with your legal rights. But we are.

We have stood up for people and businesses harmed by the oil and gas industry for 70 years. Established in 1951, our firm is the oldest plaintiffs personal injury law firm in Texas. Call (713) 222-7211 (toll free 713-222-7211) or contact our office online for a free consultation with one of our experienced property damage lawyers.

Our Oil and Gas Property Damage Practice

Much of our law practice involves helping people injured in all types of oil and gas accidents, from pipeline explosions and propane fires to chemical plant accidents and drilling rig blowouts. Part of this practice involves handling the “fallout” after an oil or gas accident, including:

But property damage from an oil and gas accident is not limited to those items above. For example, the massive oil spills after the Deepwater Horizon disaster put fishermen and local restaurants and hotels (all of which depend on tourism to survive) at serious risk, causing a temporary but substantial disruption in business.

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The types of oil and gas incidents are wide-ranging, from blowouts and oil spills off the coastline to groundwater contamination from hydro fracking on the Eagle Ford Shale, Barnett Shale and Marcellus Shale. These incidents often cause property damage for people and businesses. With years of experience as oil and gas trial attorneys, we can help you resolve your problem. Call (713) 222-7211 (toll free 713-222-7211) or e-mail our Houston office for a free consultation.

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