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Explosions cause some of the gravest injuries a person can endure, and those who survive them meet many hardships. Medical bills pile up, owners lose property and assets, and employees lose wages as they attempt to recover. Many victims face the long, tedious process of skin grafting. When negligence is the cause of explosions, seasoned attorneys know what it takes to pursue compensation for the victim’s suffering.

At Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner, we represent people who have been injured in a wide variety of explosion accidents. If you have been injured at home, work, or elsewhere, learn how our attorneys can help you. We have handled some of the largest explosion accident cases in Texas.


Accidental Explosions At Home

Many explosions at home come from leaking gas appliances or defective propane tanks. We can examine the details of your explosion and determine if you have a liability claim. If a product or negligence caused an explosion on your property, contact our office as soon as possible.

Workplace Explosions

If a third party’s negligence caused or contributed to the explosion at work, employee victims may be eligible for additional compensation through a third-party liability claim. We can examine the details of your incident to see if you have a case.

Major Pipeline Explosions And Oil Spills

Pipeline explosions and oil spills are more common than you might think. Our attorneys are well-versed in explosion cases, and we know how to seek compensation for your suffering. Companies responsible for these accidents should answer for their negligence.

Propane Fires And Explosions

Propane-related disasters can lead to more severe injuries and-more damage-than from those related to natural gas. Our lawyers have decades of experience pursuing justice for those injured by another’s negligence.

Plant And Refinery Explosions

Plant and refinery explosions have the potential to be catastrophic occurrences. Plant workers, as well as those living or located nearby may be affected. The cause of a plant or refinery explosion may be due to failure to observe safety protocols, faulty equipment, improper use of chemicals, corrosion or other issues.

Learn more about plant and refinery explosions, and how we can help you if you or a loved one has been harmed

E-Cigarette Explosions

Causes for e-cigarette explosions can vary – from a defective part to a faulty battery. Our attorneys will work diligently to examine the details of your incident and see that those responsible for this defective product are held liable.

A Track Record Of Skillful Representation

For years, our Texas attorneys have helped victims of explosions recover compensation for their losses and suffering. Our attorneys have handled apartment complex explosions, a Takata ammonium nitrate explosion, a propane explosion in Montgomery County, and many, many more.

Explosions – Español

Si ha resultado lesionado en una explosión en el hogar, en el trabajo o en otro lugar, hable con un abogado de nuestro bufete de abogados. Usted puede tener derecho a una indemnización.

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