Peloton Fights Efforts to Recall Its Tread+ Treadmill

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a warning to owners of the popular Peloton Tread+ after multiple children and pets were injured beneath the machines. The urgent warning comes less than a month after Peloton’s CEO, John Foley, noted a tragic accident wherein a child was killed by a Tread+. The CPSC has launched a formal investigation into this incident, issuing administrative subpoenas to compel Peloton to disclose relevant information. The CPSC has also received a report that a three-year-old suffered a significant brain injury after getting trapped under a Tread+. The child’s father found him with tread marks on his back matching the slats of the treadmill. To date, the CPSC is aware of 39 incidents involving children injured by a Peloton Tread+. These incidents appear unique to the Peloton Tread+, as one official with the CPSC noted that “this doesn’t happen with other treadmills” as the Tread+ has a seemingly different hazard pattern than is typically seen in treadmill-related incidents. Given the numerous reports of children becoming entrapped, punned, and pulled under the rear of the Tread+, the CPSC has urged everyone with children at home to stop using the Tread+ immediately. In response, Peloton has accused the CPSC of mischaracterizing the situation and issued safety warnings that children, pets, and objects should be kept away from the Tread+ at all times…but does not believe a recall is necessary at this time. Hopefully Peloton will put the safety of children ahead of its $4,300 treadmill.

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