Injuries Sustained Due to Defective Car Seatbacks on the Rise

Generally, people assume that the safest place for their child in a vehicle is the back seat. Unfortunately, the past several years of litigation indicate that defective car seatbacks place anyone sitting in the back seat of a vehicle in harm’s way. In recent years, hundreds of severe injuries and deaths have been reported when a vehicle was rear-ended. In these types of incidents, passengers have been crushed and trapped when the seatbacks collapsed due to their defective condition.

Despite the obvious danger posed by defective car seatbacks, automobile companies are not adequately remedying the problem. Experts point their fingers at the federal safety standards, insisting they need an overhaul, stating the federal safety standards are so low that “even a banquet chair could pass” the standards.

Further, litigation from the past few years indicates that automobile companies are not only negligent in designing their car seat backs, but grossly negligent. For example, in Dallas, a jury recently awarded $242,000,000 in a defective seatback case.

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