Jimmy John’s Sex-Offender Employee Assaults Co-Worker

A teen employee of Jimmy John’s has filed a lawsuit against Jimmy John’s and its employee for an assault she suffered at the hands of her co-worker.

Jimmy John’s reportedly hired a 36-year-old sex offender to work at one of its restaurants. The sex offender was previously convicted of rape. When the sex offender was later hired by Jimmy John’s, he was allowed to work with fellow co-workers at the restaurant. Sometime after he was hired, his 17-year-old female co-worker made complaints to her manager. The complaints consisted of inappropriate sexual advances to the young girl, who is reported to be mentally challenged. The complaint went up the chain of command to human resources, but the sex offender was allowed to continue working around the young girl in spite of the complaint. While on the job, the sex offender raped the young girl in the storage room after she declined his repeated advances.

A lawsuit has been filed against Jimmy John’s and the sex offender employee. It alleges that Jimmy John’s knowingly hired a sex offender, placed him in a work environment that would put female co-workers at risk, and then failed to protect the young girl employee after she reported the inappropriate sexual advances.

All companies who hire employees may not perform a background check. However, companies may still choose to hire employees with criminal backgrounds for various reasons. When an employee brings harm to co-workers or customers, it is possible to hold the employer and employee responsible to pay for the damages caused. These sorts of cases take hiring an experienced attorney that can investigate into the depth of the negligence of the employer company.

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