Houston Mother Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Motel

A mother sued the owner of a north side motel, where her 15-year-old son was electrocuted several months ago. The fifteen-year-old child died after touching the wires of an interior swimming pool light at North Villa Inn on the North Freeway at North Vista.

According to the lawsuit, in July of 2018, Harris County health officials inspected the pool at North Villa Inn and denied the owner’s request for a permit and failed the inspection for several reasons, including the presence of several exposed electrical wires in the pool that presented an immediate threat of electrocution. Harris County health officials warned the motel owners that the pool presented a significant and pending danger to their customers and employees and ordered the pool to shut down, get drained, and fixed immediately. In December 2018, North Villa Inn again requested a permit to operate the pool, but Harris County health officials inspected the pool and once again denied the permit due to the same reasons previously cited. Harris County health officials again instructed owners to shut down the pool and fix the dangerous conditions.

On August 29, 2020, while staying at the North Villa Inn with his family, the fifteen-year-old child went swimming in the pool and came into contact accidentally with the exposed wires. The wires sent an electrical current into the pool, which struck and killed the child. The child’s parents pulled their son out of the pool immediately; he was pronounced dead at the scene. Following the incident, Harris County health officials inspected the pool for a third time and discovered the exposed wires and other hazards still remained.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family attributes the death of their son to the dangerous exposed wires and North Villa Inn’s failure to warn or fix them despite repeated warnings and instructions to do so from county health inspectors.

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