Report Flags Amazon’s Own Products as Fire Hazards

A recent report found a number of products sold on, from the AmazonBasics product line, have been reported as safety risks by customers. This includes products that may be fire hazards.

AmazonBasics is one of Amazon’s popular private label lines. It offers more than 5,000 budget-friendly products that range from cell-phone chargers to kitchen appliances. Reviews from customers indicated at least 70 products that may pose a safety risk. Some of these products were identified in customer reviews as dangerous. Around 30 products, which had at least three reviews describing the products as a “hazard” or “fire,” remain for sale on

One example is an AmazonBasics surge protector. A concerned father reported that the surge protector turned into a “blowtorch” and could have burned down his home. More than 40 customers described this surge protector as a fire hazard and/or had caused damage to their home or belongings. Despite these reports, Amazon continued to offer the surge protector for sale until the recent report came out.

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