United States Parcel Service Employee Sues Dog Owner for Injuries Suffered after Dog Attack

On May 11, 2020, a Harris County resident, and United States Parcel Service Employee (“USPS employee”), filed a complaint in the Harris County District Court against a couple after their dog attacked him. The USPS employee brought a negligence cause of action against the defendants.

On February 14, 2020, the USPS employee was delivering a package for the United States Parcel Service to defendants’ residence. After the man delivered the package to one of the defendants at the front door, the defendants’ dog ran through the open door past one of defendants, barking and chasing after the USPS employee who was walking down the front sidewalk. The dog approached the USPS employee at a high speed and caused him to be knocked to the ground. As a result, the USPS employee claims to have sustained serious and permanent damages. The defendants, according to the claim, owned the property where the subject incident took place.

The USPS employee is seeking recovery alleging negligence. The USPS employee claims defendants owed a legal duty to protect the USPS employee and others from their dog. The defendants, the USPS employee argues, breached this duty when they failed to take any action to protect the USPS employee from their dog’s attack. The defendants are claimed to have been aware that their dog had the potential to attack but they failed to control their dog properly. More specifically, the USPS employee claims, the defendant who was near the front door at the time of the incident negligently allowed the dog to spring pass him through the open door. Moreover, the USPS employee maintains that the defendants were negligent for failing to procure behavioral training for their dog.

The man seeks monetary relief damages resulting from, among others, past and future physical pain and suffering, physical impairment, medical expenses, and physical disfigurement. The man is seeking monetary relief in an amount over $200,000.

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