Ikea Recalls 820,000 Dressers Due to High Risk for Tip Over Injuries and Fatalities

Ikea is recalling its dangerous dressers, again. This time it is a three-drawer Kullen dresser that puts small children in danger of being crushed due to the dresser’s high risk for tip over. There are at least 9 known cases where a child was fatally injured after one of these dressers tipped over. Dozens of children have been injured as well.

The timing of this recall is highly suspicious as Ikea was recently hit with a verdict of $44 million dollars for the parents who lost their child after an Ikea dresser tipped over onto the toddler, killing him. That was the result of a dresser that had been recalled, but the parents alleged Ikea failed to raise safety awareness. Ikea has been held liable in previous lawsuits by injuries and fatalities of children caused by Ikea dressers tipping over, but this recent verdict is the largest verdict yet.

It is not a secret anymore that Ikea was responsible for manufacturing and distributing dressers that did not meet voluntary safety standards, particularly those meant to protect children from being injured from these types of products.

The Consumer Safety and Product Commission statistics estimate approximately 28,000 children and people are injured in tip over incidents involving furniture, appliances, and televisions. Millions of Ikea dressers that do not comply with these safety standards are believed to still be in owned by the public and possibly not anchored or otherwise properly secured to prevent tip over injuries and fatalities.

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