Ikea pays $46M to Family of Toddler

In 2017, 2-year-old Jozef Dudek suffocated after a 30-inch dresser from Ikea tipped over on top of him. His parents, Craig and Joleen Dudek, brought suit against Ikea and claimed Ikea was aware that the dressers “presented an unreasonable tip-over hazard and were dangerously unsafe,” but continued to sell them. Ikea has agreed to pay $46 million to Jozef’s parents.

The deaths of at least nine children have been linked to Ikea dressers. In 2016, Ikea recalled a three-drawer dresser known as Malm, which later caused the death of Jozef. He was the first child that died after the recall. His parents said they were unaware of the recall and claimed Ikea should have notified them directly.

The Malm dresser did not meet the industry’s safety standard for stability, which requires that a dresser will remain upright when pulled on by a child, even if it is not tethered to the wall. As part of the settlement, the Ikea U.S. President has agreed to meet with member of Parents Against Tip-Overs, which is comprised of parents who have lost their children to tip-overs.

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