Woman Filmed in the Shower at Hotel Files $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit

An unnamed woman in Chicago is suing Hilton Worldwide claiming that a hotel employee in Albany, New York, filmed her naked in the shower, posted the video online, and tried to extort her. The recording was allegedly taken by a hidden camera in a Hampton Inn and Suites hotel in July 2015. The woman found out about it in September 2015 when she received an email from an unidentified sender that contained a link to a pornographic website where the video had been uploaded. She claims her full name appeared as the title of the video.

The woman received more emails from the alleged suspect requesting she send him explicit footage of herself in order to keep the video from being further distributed. When she refused to send a video, the suspect instructed the woman pay him $2,000 up front, and then $1,000 a month for a year. After the woman failed to pay, the suspect posted the video on at least a dozen X-rated websites and emailed the video to her co-workers.

The woman filed suit against Hilton Worldwide and its franchise partners claiming that the suspect would have to be an employee of the hotel or someone with direct access to the rooms due to the amount of personal information the suspect has of her. The woman claims the ordeal has caused her emotional distress and she is seeking $100 million in damages.

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