Lawsuit Alleges LaCroix Contains Ingredients Used in Cockroach Insecticide

Consumer Reports that 73 percent of customers seek out items labeled as natural. The question is, what are they actually getting, and can the product label be trusted? LaCroix is facing claims that their popular product has been falsely advertised as “all natural.”

A lawsuit filed against LaCroix’s parent company accuses the company of misleading consumers about the product’s real ingredients. According to the complaint, testing revealed “non-natural flavorings and synthetic compounds” in the sparkling water brand labeled as “always 100% natural.” Suit was filed on behalf of consumers and alleges the LaCroix drink includes among other artificial ingredients such as linalool, which is used in cockroach insecticide and limonene, which can cause kidney toxicity.

The court filing also states LaCroix makers are aware of the synthetic chemicals contained in the sparkling water but are “intentionally misleading consumers.” LaCroix’s sales were up 17 percent last year. The lawsuit seeks to stop LaCroix from falsely labeling its product and to award damages to those who purchased the drink under the assumption that it was all natural.

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