Border Patrol Chase Results in Five Dead Undocumented Immigrants

On June 17, 2018, a tragic crash occurred in a small Texas town resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities. Five undocumented immigrants were killed in a Texas car crash while being chased by border patrol agents and a sheriff’s deputy. The accident occurred in a town near Big Wells about 50 miles from the Mexican border and 100 miles southwest of San Antonio. A total of fourteen people were inside the SUV and many of them were ejected out of the vehicle when it rolled onto the highway.

As border patrol was pursuing the vehicle, which was traveling about 100 miles per hour, the vehicle ran off the road and flipped over several times. Four people died at the scene and several others were flown to a hospital in San Antonio where one died upon arrival. The driver of the vehicle survived and was taken into custody. The driver is known to police as a human smuggler. Officials have said that this is just the latest in a series of police chases involving human and drug smugglers in the area.

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