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A Big Rig Falls Off Southwest Freeway Overpass and Lands on Car

On January 11, 2018, an accident between several vehicles on Interstate 69 caused an 18-wheeler to drive off the overpass at University Boulevard and land on a car on the feeder road below. Investigators believe the incident was caused by the truck driver jack-knifing to avoid another driver and, consequently, flipping off the overpass onto the frontage road at University.

Fortunately, the truck was carrying an empty load and the woman in the car below was able to crawl out from under the truck cargo. “I thought I was walking up to someone who was seriously injured, if not dead,” said Cory Mullarky, a witness. “That’s what terrified me. I was almost hesitant to look up under there.” Mullarky was one of the witnesses who helped the woman get out of the car. “If that truck was full of whatever, she would have been crushed,” Mullarky said.

According to an officer at the scene, if the truck had been carrying a load, then the car would have been crushed by the fall. “Well, she was very lucky that there were people who saw the accident, who rushed to her aid and helped her get out of the vehicle,” said Doug Adolph with the Sugar Land Police Department.

The woman and the truck driver were taken to an area hospital. In addition, another car was damaged by the falling debris. In all, five vehicles were damaged because of the crash or a result of flying debris from the crash.

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