Food Truck Explodes Causing Third Degree Burns to Cook

A food truck, known as Porky’s City Grill, located at 11616 Hempstead Road, Houston, Texas 77092, in the parking lot of Empire Tools, exploded on September 28, 2016 causing severe debilitating injuries to an employee. More specifically, on or about September 28, 2016, Brenda Guajardo Alvarado was working inside of the food truck preparing food for customers when she noticed that the warmer to heat the food was not working. Ms. Guajardo, who has several years of experience working in food trucks, proceeded to check the warmer by turning off the gas. Ms. Guajardo noticed that the climate control to determine the temperature was not on and no heat was emitting from the gas line. Ms. Guajardo located a lighter that the food truck provided, in attempts to light the burner. Suddenly and without warning, an explosion occurred, causing severe, third degree burns to Ms. Guajardo. Authorities rushed to the scene and Ms. Guajardo was rushed by ambulance to Memorial Herman in the Houston Medical Center, where she remained in the burn intensive care unit for weeks.

Firm Partner Benny Agosto, Jr. is representing Ms. Guajardo and is currently investigating the explosion’s cause of origin and whether there were any violations against gas safety rules and regulations. Mr. Agosto and his team are also investigating whether there is any negligence against the seller and/or modifier of the food truck, how the gas lines were put into the food truck, and whether there were any issues with the gas tank, regulator, and other related equipment.