Rollercoasters, A Ride to Die For

Rollercoasters are a great experience. However, incidents can happen at any time. Two different incidents occurred in Texas in April.

In El Paso, Texas, three teen girls were on a ride at a carnival for Dia de los Niños. Tragically, two of the three girls were violently thrown from the carnival ride. Both of the girls were taken to the local hospital Del Sol Medical Center where one of them, a fifteen year old, succumbed to her injuries and died.

In Amarillo, Texas, a father and son were riding a rollercoaster named “The Mouse Trap.” During the ride the son’s seatbelt came loose leaving the father desperately holding on to his son for dear life. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this incident. What did hurt was the response the father and son received when they told the operator about the near fatal event. The operator admitted to knowing about the dangerous seatbelt condition and was continuing to let people ride. This situation would be unbelievable, if not for the father videoing the near fatal ride and the rollercoaster operator’s response. The owners of the rollercoaster did not take any action to make the ride safe until after the local news did a story on the public danger.

Dangerous events like the two stories above happen more often than we think. Usually the owners do not take action unless their hand is forced. If you signed a waiver that does not mean you signed your life away.

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