Lyft Sued for Its Driver’s Negligence in Causing Fatality Collision

The life of 24-year-old Shane Holland was abruptly cut short on a rainy night eighteen months ago by a driver for Lyft, a San Francisco based ride company similar to Uber. Shane and his friend were on the way home from a Halloween party when they called Lyft for a ride. While driving the vehicle with Shane as a passenger, the Lyft driver abruptly swerved to avoid a disabled vehicle, causing him to lose control of the vehicle, smash into two trees, and kill Shane Holland.

Shane’s mother is suing Lyft for its driver’s negligence in causing her son’s death. The California Highway Patrol confirmed the Lyft driver was at fault in its crash report. Donna Dinapoli, Shane’s mother, said “Losing my son is a black hole I live with all the time. I’m angry because it was so senseless and didn’t have to happen if the driver had been more careful.” Dinapoli further elaborated, “I think it is a disgrace for a company as large as Lyft to try to duck responsibility.”

Lyft has a $1 million liability policy, which also includes uninsured/underinsured coverage. According to Lyft, their liability policy is designed to provide coverage for Lyft drivers to protect passengers and third parties. According to Lyft, the claim disbursement delay is due to Lyft’s insurance carrier – James River Insurance Co. The insurer is still investigating the accident. Dinapoli’s attorney said he hopes to begin trial by the end of the year.

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