Man Killed by Another Car While Pumping Gas

Wednesday September 30, 2015 at 8435 Tidwell Rd., a black Chevrolet Camaro swerved from the road to avoid slamming into another car. Instead, it smashed into a Ford Escape while the owner was pumping gas into it. This caused the Ford Escape to strike the owner and suffer many injuries. He was quickly taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. Monday October 5, 2015, the owner of the Ford Escape, a thirty-seven year old man, died at the hospital from the injuries experienced. No charges or suits have been brought against the Camaro driver but investigations are in progress. The driver and his insurance company, however, should be prepared to pay for the damages. Although the victim has died in the above case, surviving family members have the right to bring a wrongful death suit on his behalf.

In a wrongful death action in Texas, spouses, parents, and children of the deceased party and the estate of the deceased are compensated for their losses from the untimely death of a loved one caused by someone at fault.

Common claimed losses in a wrongful death suit include:

•· Loss of earning capacity,

  • Lost love, companionship, comfort, and society,
  • Lost care, lost support, and other services,
  • Mental and emotional anguish, pain, and suffering, and;
  • Lost inheritance, which includes what they would likely have saved and left to surviving family members if he or she lived a normal life span.

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