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Is your makeup a dangerous product?

Your “natural” makeup and health products may not be as safe as you think. Even though brands are marketing more “natural” items — including hair color and cosmetics — in Texas stores, many of these items could be considered dangerous products. In fact, ingredients contained in these products could lead to heightened cancer risk and other serious health issues, according to medical experts.

A recent investigation by Consumer Reports showed that health and beauty products often contain carcinogenic, or cancer-causing, agents, even though they have the “natural” label. Consider the unscented Arm and Hammer deodorant, which contains the dangerous ingredient triclosan. That antibacterial component has been shown to cause hormonal imbalance in animal studies, meaning that it could actually lead to reproductive health problems in humans.

Further, body wash products with the word “natural” on the bottle may contain DMDM Hydantoin and other components that form formaldehyde when they come into contact with water. That is the same chemical that is used to preserve animal specimens and plays a critical role in the embalming process. Would you want that in your shower gel?

Experts say that the best course of action for consumers includes staying away from “natural” claims and looking for beauty products that are certified USDA Organic. Certain stores such as Whole Foods also certify their products as free of dangerous drugs or chemicals that could lead to health woes. Claims such as “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologist tested” should also be considered suspect, as there is no formal set of criteria for regulating those labels.

Dangerous products abound in our everyday lives; we should not have to worry about them invading our beauty and grooming routines. Still, victims continue to suffer injury because of dangerous household products. Those victims deserve compensation from the company that allows such major defects in the products distributed to the public.

Source: News Net 5, ” Is your make-up dangerous?” Jonathan Walsh, Jul. 15, 2014


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