Gas Leaks Result in Severe Explosions for Local Houston Homes

Photo of Chelsie Garza

According to, two previous gas line explosions resulted in severe injuries for two Houston area residents over a two-year span. As reported by ABC 11 News, one explosion resulted in disfigurement and severe burns to the body of a 3-year-old boy, leading to 15 surgeries. A subsequent pipe line explosion which took place in Pasadena, just outside of Houston, resulted in the death of a 67-year old woman.

When gas leaks go undetected, over time they seep into the homes of residents. An explosion results when the gas meets an ignition source. These explosions can end in serious bodily injury or death. According to the Department of Transportation, an average of nine deaths, 45 injuries, and property damages totaling over $5.6 million associated with pipeline explosions are reported each year in the U.S.

With over 2.1 million miles of gas lines in the U.S., gas lines have become an increasing concern for citizens. In response to recent gas line explosions, many residents have begun to move away from gas as a source of energy for their homes. While this remedy may be beneficial in keeping gas from actively flowing through their home, it is possible for areas that offer gas services to maintain connector pipelines in the vicinity of homes regardless of whether a specified home uses the services.

If you, or anyone you know suspects a gas leak, leave the area immediately and contact proper safety personnel. More information on how to prevent gas emergencies may be found at

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