Houston Man Tasered for Months by Co-Workers Files Suit

Earlier this month, Bradley Jones, a 45 year-old Harris County resident filed suit against his former employer, Fred Fincher Motors, and two co-workers for repeatedly shocking him with a Taser gun. According to the lawsuit, Jones, who had been a car salesman for over four years at the Houston-based dealership, was repeatedly shocked for the past nine months before he filed charges for assault, battery, and failure to provide a safe workplace.

Jones’ employer and co-workers posted several videos to the Internet showing the defendants hiding under Jones’ desk or sneaking up behind him with a Taser gun and electrocuting various parts of his body. These videos also capture the sadistic, painful nature of the defendants’ behavior, such as Jones screaming while under attack or the defendants laughing amongst themselves after shocking their victim.

The dealership is owned by State Representative Patricia Harless, R-Spring, and whose husband, Sam Harless, is the general manager. Sam Harless, who is identified in many of the videos both tasing Jones and laughing as Jones recoils from electric shock, owned and has subsequently destroyed the Taser gun that was being used. Outside the civil courthouse where the case is being heard, Sam Harless denied all allegations, despite clear video evidence, stating the lawsuit was “frivolous” and would eventually be thrown out. Representative Patricia Harless, who is also named in the lawsuit, also denied any knowledge that her husband or employees were engaged in these systematic attacks.

Public and social media outrage in response to these attacks echo what a real and serious issue adult bullying and work place safety can be. According to Jones, these attacks have caused him to feel humiliated and in fear for his personal safety – so much so, that he couldn’t sleep and would even look behind the shower curtain at his home during the nine months of being attacked.

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