Grandmother in Shock After Grandchild Mauled by Pit Bull

The fallout after an accident is never easy to deal with. And for one family from Montgomery County, life has been even further complicated after a family member went into shock after seeing a toddler mauled by a dog.

On a recent Saturday evening, a 23-month-old boy and his grandmother were in their home when the grandparents’ 7-year-old male pit bull suddenly lunged at the toddler.

The only adult home at the time of the incident, the boy’s grandmother, went into shock upon watching 23 month old be mauled by the pit bull. Emergency responders were not called to the scene until the grandfather returned home later.

The toddler was pronounced dead at the scene. A law enforcement authority who responded to the call shot and killed the pit bull after it tried to attack him.

The grandmother was so emotionally distraught after witnessing the attack that she was not only unable to speak with law enforcement authorities, but has actually been hospitalized as a result of the shock.

This is the third fatal pit bull attacked in South Texas in the past year. A 71-year-old Houston teacher died in November after being attacked by two pit bulls, and a 13 year old was killed by one in September.

Many animal supporters contend that pit bulls are safe dog breeds, and attacks only occur due to poor training. But statistics show that of 31 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2011, 71 percent of them involved pit bulls.

Authorities are still investigating whether criminal charges will be brought in the death of the child. Under a vicious dog law that was adopted in 2007, a person can be held liable for failing to reasonably secure a dog that is known as being dangerous. Investigators are also trying to determine whether adequate care was provided to save the toddler’s life.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Grandmother of toddler killed by pit bull hospitalized for shock,” 1/17/12.