Nine-Year-Old Girl Killed in Car-Truck Crash Near Dallas

Earlier this week we wrote about the death of two small children in a tragic car accident that happened in Harris County last month. Unfortunately, tragedy in the form of a fatal car-truck accident struck again in Texas last week when a 9-year-old child was killed on a suburban Dallas road.

A woman and her two daughters were driving in a car on the southbound access road of State Highway 121 near Dallas last Wednesday night. The car started to have mechanical problems, causing them to slow in the center lane. As the car slowed, it was rear-ended by a tow truck wrecker.

The impact of the large tow truck crashing into the back of the smaller vehicle caused the rear seat of the car to be crushed. A 9-year-old girl who was riding in the back seat was severely injured and died at the accident scene.

Both the driver, the girl’s 32-year-old mother, and the passenger in the front seat, the girl’s 12-year-old sister, were injured in the truck crash. Neither sustained life-threatening injuries; they were both transported to Medical Center of Plano.

The tow truck driver was not injured in the truck crash. Law enforcement officials are continuing to investigate the accident. No charges have been filed against the tow truck driver yet.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Texas wrecker rear-ends car, kills 9-year-old girl,” 6/9/11.