Texas dram shop law was put in place due to the high number of car accidents involving drunk drivers.

Dram shop liability means that if a premise sells alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person, they can be at fault for a drunk driver’s actions.

Any business in the Woodlands that sells alcohol for consumption on the premise, is considered a “dram shop”. A “dram” is also the name of a single measure of alcohol, hence the name.

Dram shops in Texas have a duty of care to all customers. This means that if they sell alcohol to a patron despite obvious intoxication and this patron goes on to cause an accident, the venue can be held liable for negligence.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a drunk driver, you may be able to seek compensation under Texas dram shop law.

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What is Dram Shop Liability?

Any premises that sell alcohol has a duty to refuse service to anyone who is obviously intoxicated, this is called “dram shop liability”.

It means that if a drunk patron gets into their car and causes an accident, the venue that sold them alcohol could be held liable for damages.

Do Dram Shop Laws Apply To My Case?

The Woodlands is governed by the Texas Dram Shop Act. In order to claim compensation under this act, you will need to prove that the venue sold alcohol to someone who was clearly obviously intoxicated. That person must have then gone on to cause the accident that resulted in your injuries, or the wrongful death of a loved one.

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Steps You Should Take After a DUI Accident

Some of the worst accidents we see involve drunk driving. Victims are often left with serious injuries and hefty medical bills. It is essential that victims are properly compensated, however, the steps taken after an accident can have a big impact on the success of a claim.

Stay at the Scene of the Accident

Following traffic accidents, involved parties should stay at the scene until police arrive.

Call for Paramedics if There are Injuries

Check yourself for injuries first, and if you are able to, check on anyone else involved in the accident. If anyone requires medical attention then call paramedics to the scene. Even if paramedics do not attend the scene you should get yourself to a hospital to be checked over. Some injuries could be hidden, especially when your body is full of adrenaline. Your medical report will also be invaluable evidence in your case.

Call the Police

If there has been any injury or serious property damage, then the police must be called to the scene of the accident. They will also fill out a police report which can be used as evidence in your case.

Collect Evidence

If you are able to, you should collect evidence such as photos from the scene, license plates, names of those involved, witness information, and more. The more evidence you have the better chance you stand at claiming compensation in a dram shop claim.

Speak to your Insurance Company

You are required to inform your insurance company of a drunk driving accident. However, you should take care when doing so. Insurance companies are big businesses and they will do what they can to limit their liability. Therefore, it is important that you stick to basic facts and do not admit fault in any way. The best way to avoid saying something that might harm your case is to contact a Woodlands dram shop attorney first.

Hire a DUI Accident Lawyer

The sooner you contact a DUI accident lawyer the better, they will get right to work on your case, and the sooner they do so the better able they will be to collect strong evidence and protect your interests.

What a Dram Shop Attorney Can Do For You?

Any car accident case can be complicated, especially when you are dealing with large insurance companies and serious injuries. Dram shop liability is particularly tricky to navigate, but it could be your best chance at fair compensation.

Free Consultation

When you call Abraham Watkins the first step will be to arrange a free case evaluation. We will assess your case, and tell you what compensation we think you are owed.

No-win no-fee!

We work on a contingency basis, which means that our fee is taken as a fee from your eventual settlement. If your case is unsuccessful, you will not pay anything.

Sign up for Representation

Once we have answered all your questions and given you an idea of what your specific case could look like, you can either sign up for representation or not. You are under no obligation and at the very least you will leave with more knowledge and understanding than before.

Gathering Evidence

If you do agree to representation then we will get right to work. We will gather evidence against negligent parties including car and police reports, medical reports, and expert testimony from accident reconstruction specialists.

Negotiating a Settlement

We will determine what your damages should be worth, including both economic and non-economic damages designed to compensate you for your emotional suffering. We will work tirelessly to negotiate a settlement you deserve. If an agreement cannot be reached then we will be ready to stand for you in a court of law.

Keeping you Informed

We will handle all the legal processes and fight fiercely to ensure you are awarded the maximum amount in compensation. Meanwhile, you can focus on your recovery with the knowledge that everything is in safe hands.

We also pride ourselves on our attorney-client relationships and will always be prompt to answer your questions and keep you informed on the progress of your case.

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