CF Industries Sued By Individual Victims In West Fertilizer Explosion Lawsuit

Houston attorney Mo Aziz files suit against CF Industries asserting that it is responsible for the damages caused by, and the lives lost in, the April explosion in West, Texas. .

(Houston, TX) As families in West, Texas try to rebuild after the devastating fertilizer plant explosion that destroyed homes, schools and a hospital, the product liability attorneys of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner are pursuing full compensation on behalf of several injury victims and surviving family members, including the family of a deceased fire fighter, against the supplier of the explosive ammonium nitrate that fueled the tragedy.

Houston attorneys Mo Aziz of Abraham Watkins and Chad Pinkerton of The Pinkerton Law Firm are working to hold CF Industries responsible for the damage caused by the company’s failure to adequately warn and protect the citizens of West, Texas.

CF Industries supplied the West Fertilizer Company with more than 200 tons of ammonium nitrate during a two-month period earlier this spring. The supplier should have, but failed to, inspect the West Fertilizer plant’s storage facility. Once received, this highly flammable, explosive compound was stored in wooden containers at the fertilizer plant. CF Industries should also have included an additive in the ammonium nitrate that would have made the fertilizer ingredient safer to store and handle.

The city of West has filed its own lawsuit against CF Industries and Adair Grain, Inc., to pursue the resources needed to rebuild the town. This most-recent lawsuit, filed jointly by Abraham Watkins and The Pinkerton Law Firm, seeks compensation for individuals who are rebuilding their own lives after the devastation caused by the fertilizer plant explosion.

Houston lawyers Mo Aziz and Chad Pinkerton represent more than 30 victims of the West Fertilizer explosion. They are committed to helping those injured in the industrial plant blast obtain the compensation necessary to fully recover. Taking the legal steps necessary to hold a negligent business owner or operator responsible for the April 17 devastation is one way to try to stop the same tragedy from occurring elsewhere in Texas or the U.S.

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