Texas Dram Shop Laws Provide Relief

Under Texas law, establishments that serve alcohol to patrons who are obviously intoxicated and then cause damages can be held accountable. Specifically, Texas Dram Shop laws provide an avenue for individuals who have been injured or killed to seek justice to recover damages.

It takes an experienced trial attorney to investigate the true causes of a drunk driving crash so that those responsible are held accountable. This includes bars and restaurants who overserve alcohol to patrons. A restaurant or bar that serves alcohol to patrons has to act responsibly. Employees must have proper training, and management must provide proper supervision to ensure that alcohol sales are not prioritized over safety. There are many ways to prevent the overservice of alcohol, but many establishments still fall short.

Unfortunately, there are far too may alcohol related crashes in the state of Texas. As a result, there are Texas Dram Shop laws. While it is important to hold drunk drivers accountable, it is equally important to understand that drunk drivers who cause crashes may not have enough liability insurance to cover the victim’s medical bills and other damages. When establishments that serve alcohol take advantage and ignore signs of overservice or intoxicated patrons, it is important to understand your rights.

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