Tesla is recalling almost all of its vehicles sold in the United States because some of its warning lights are in too small of a font, which increases risk for accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the vehicles were displaying an incorrect font size on the instrument panel for brake, park, and antilock brake system warning lights and were not in compliance with federal safety requirements.

Nearly 2.2 million vehicles are affected, including the following models: (1) 2024 Cybertruck; (2) 2017-23 Model 3; (3) 2012-23 Model S; (4) 2016-24 Model X; and (5) 2019-24 Model Y. Tesla began releasing a software update on January 23, 2024, that will increase the size of the warnings.

This recall falls on the steps of a December 2023 recall in which 2.03 million Tesla vehicles were recalled to add safeguards designed to address issues related to its autopilot software after a NHTSA investigation found that controls on Tesla’s autosteer software were not sufficient to prevent driver misuse.

More recalls for Tesla could be on the horizon. A recent report from Reuters indicated that NHTSA is conducting an engineering analysis related to power steering loss in Tesla vehicles. 334,000 2023 Model Y and Model 3 vehicles are involved in that investigation.

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