Driver Dead and Several Injured After Vehicle Crashes into Texas Emergency Room

Figure 1: Police investigating the lobby of the St. David’s North Austin Medical Center emergency room after a car drove through it. Photo credit:

On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, a vehicle crashed into the emergency room waiting area of St. David’s North Austin Medical Center. The vehicle struck a large aquarium tank in the lobby, which investigators believe absorbed some of the resulting impact and helped save lives. Investigators did not share details about the speed of the vehicle. However, they did find that the vehicle wheels were still spinning, and that the vehicle was still in “drive” after crashing into the lobby.

The driver was extricated from the vehicle and given CPR before dying at the scene. Three adults and two juveniles were injured as a result of the crash. At least two of the injured survivors were hospitalized in critical condition. Investigators stated that they do not believe this was an intentional act, nor was there any indication that the driver was suffering from a medical episode at the time of the incident. Investigation of the crash is still ongoing. The property damage to the building was minor, and the hospital has resumed operations since the incident.

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