Ford Motor Company Recalls 2021 and 2023 F-150

Ford Motor Company recently recalled 113,000 of its 2021 and 2023 F-150 models. Specifically, it recalled those Ford F-150s equipped with the Trailor Tow Max Duty package and a 9.75-inch heavy-duty axle with a three-fourths float axle design. The recall is due to the high probability of the rear axle hubs wearing down and breaking. When axle hubs are damaged, a vehicle could roll away despite being in park, or even lose drive power. This significantly increases the risk of collisions resulting in injury or property damage.

A spokesperson for Ford stated that owners should apply the electronic parking brake to mitigate the risk of vehicles causing damage or injury. She further stated that owners who experience the issue should take their vehicles to a dealership and have both axle shaft assemblies replaced.

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