Boeing 737 Air Atlas Flight Has Engine Flame Out Over Miami Airport

Figure 1: Flames shooting from Boeing plane prior to emergency landing at Miami airport. Photo credit:

Recently, a Boeing 737 Max 9 cargo plane was diverted back to Miami International Airport shortly after takeoff when an engine failed, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

A recent TikTok video online filmed Atlas Air Flight 5Y095 flying near Miami, where flames can be seen coming from one of the engines. Thankfully, the aircraft landed safely. The aircraft experienced an “engine malfunction” shortly after departure, the airline said. A small hole was later found in the engine. The Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly investigating the matter further.

The incident has brought attention to safety protocols and systems in place on the Boeing 737. Recently, airlines were urged to inspect all 737 Max airplanes for a possible loose bolt in the rudder controls, after one was found missing during a routine inspection. The Company’s problems have continued to escalate after problems were found on the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft after two serious and fatal crashes.

Unfortunately, other problems have plagued the Boeing 737 Max 9. In December of 2023, an emergency exit door on a Boeing Max 9 Alaska Airlines flight flew off during the flight. The FAA ordered the temporary grounding of 171 Max 9 planes until they were thoroughly inspected, causing hundreds of flight cancellations and scheduling problems for travelers.

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