Man with Prior DWI Conviction Drives 40 Miles with Legless Body of Hit-and-Run Victim in Passenger Seat

Around 11:15 p.m. on Saturday, December 16, 2023, police were called to a Jack in the Box parking lot because there were reports of a vehicle in the parking lot with catastrophic damage. When they arrived at the scene, police found the driver slumped over the steering wheel and a legless dead person in the front passenger seat.

Police officials say that the incident occurred when the driver struck the victim, who was a pedestrian at the time. The driver then drove 40 miles to the Jack in the Box, despite extensive damage to the vehicle’s hood, a hole in the windshield, and a deceased body in the passenger seat.

According to police, detectives believe that the impact was so severe that the 45-year-old pedestrian was propelled into the vehicle when he was struck in the crosswalk, which was located near Cockrell Hill Road and I-30 in Dallas. The victim’s legs were eventually recovered from the scene, 40 miles away.

According to the arrest warrant, employees of the Jack in the Box told police that the driver came into the restaurant asking for a phone charger, when they noticed that he had blood on his shirt and hands. The driver has a prior conviction of driving while intoxicated. However, investigators have not yet determined whether the driver was intoxicated, and it is unclear what charges he will face in Dallas County. It is also unclear whether the family of the deceased is pursuing wrongful death claims.

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