Explosion Triggers Large Fire at Chemical Plant in Shepherd, Texas

Figure 1: The fire raging at the chemical plant in San Jacinto County, Texas. Photo credit: www.NBCNews.com.

According to the San Jacinto County Office of Emergency Management, a plant explosion and chemical fire occurred on the morning of November 8, 2023.

Geoff Harfield, the president of Sound Resource Solutions, said during a press briefing that one employee was injured and was being treated for minor burns. He said that the company has been a part of the community since 2013 and employs almost 40 people.

The San Jacinto County Sherriff stated “First responders have done an amazing job. They’ve been very cautious. They’ve made sure everyone is safe.”

Video and photos showed a large plume of black smoke rising from the plant. Local residents and businesses were initially told to turn off their HVAC system and shelter in place. Interstate 59 was shut down in both directions near the fire. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or TCEQ placed air monitors nearby to measure the air quality and the shelter-in-place was lifted shortly after.

The cause of the incident has not currently been made public, however, the president of Sound Resource Solutions, Geoff Harfield, said the explosion was caused by a “forklift incident.” This explosion comes in the wake of multiple petrochemical plant fires that have occurred this year in Texas.

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