Amusement Park Ride Kills 14-Year-Old

Figure 1: The Orlando FreeFall drop tower in ICON Park in Orlando, Florida. Photo credit:

A settlement was recently reached in a wrongful death case that occurred at an amusement park. On March 24, 2022, tragedy struck when 14-year-old Tyre Sampson visited an amusement park with his friends and family. The Incident occurred on a tower drop ride. As the ride suddenly dropped, Sampson slipped out of his seat and fell approximately 100 feet to his death. According to investigators, Tyre was not properly secured on the ride as he was too large for his seat, and the seat he was in had been manipulated to fit riders over the ride’s weight limit. Thus, Tyre was not properly secured in his seat and his harness was not capable of holding him, causing him to fall to his death. This is often what happens when proper safety measures are neglected, leading to serious injury and/or death.

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