Negligent Driver Runs Red Light, Killing Three Former University of Houston Football Players

In the early hours of Saturday, November 11, 2023, tragedy struck as three former University of Houston football players—D.J. Hayden, Zachary McMillian, and Ralph Oragwu—were killed in a car accident. The three players were in town to attend the University of Houston homecoming game against the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday night. According to reports, the three were navigating the streets of downtown Houston, Texas, when a driver ran a red light at the intersection of Fannin and Pierce, hitting and killing the three players in their vehicle. Investigators say the vehicle that hit and killed the three was traveling at least 80 miles per hour during the incident. This heart-wrenching incident cast a shadow over what should have been a weekend of celebration for the University of Houston and its community.

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