Harris County Leads the Way with the Most Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The Texas department of transportation has recently released data from its reports from all counties across the state of Texas, indicating that Harris County has experienced the most commercial motor vehicle accidents for the past five years. As of the end of 2022, experts believe Harris County will maintain its title.

TxDot defines commercial vehicle accidents as accidents that involve a commercial motor vehicle and that result in death, injury, or at least $1000 in damages. The data reports that for the last five years, Harris County has the highest number of accidents involving commercial motor vehicles statewide.

It has been reported that in addition to having the highest rate of commercial motor vehicle accidents, Harris County truck accidents also have a high rate of injury. The rate of injury for Houston commercial motor vehicle accidents is about 40%, meaning that four out of 10 crashes result in either a driver or a passenger that has suffered an injury as a result of the crash.

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