Generac Recalls Portable Generator Due to Severe Burns

Figure 1: Recalled Generac GP17500E Portable Generator. Photo credit:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC recently announced that two types of Generac portable generators were recalled due to severe fire hazards. The recall will affect 64,000 portable generators in total.

According to a Generac spokesman, a buildup of excess pressure in the fuel tank can be expelled when opened. Three cases of severe burns due to the affected models have been reported. The affected models include GP15000E and GP17500E. According to Generac, owners should cease to use the generators entirely until they receive the Generac supplied repair kit.

Every year approximately 70 people die due to portable generators. The most common cause of death from portable generators is due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This is caused due to improper ventilation. According to experts, it is vital to read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications before using a portable power generator. Owners should never operate a portable generator in an area where there is poor ventilation or the electrical cords are sitting in standing water. Also, it is important to store fuel only in approved containers in a well-ventilated area and away from any ignition sources. Further, owners should never refuel a generator while it is running or hot, as any fuel spill could lead to a fire.

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