Investigation Into Nursing Pillow Infant Deaths Reveals Safety Regulations Are Needed

Figure 1: The Boppy Original Support Nursing Pillow, the Boston Billow Bedford Nursing Pillow, and the Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow. Photo credit:

Parents who have infants or are expecting to have a baby need to be cautious of baby products that may put their child at serious risk for injury or death. Items that are widely marketed by manufacturing companies as “must have” products can still pose a danger. Nursing pillows are part of a lucrative industry yielding millions in sales every year. Recent investigations into nursing pillows reveal that there is a likely causal relationship between infant deaths and nursing pillows going back as far as 2007.

The risks found with nursing pillows is that infants are able to slump down or off the pillows in a way that results in airways being blocked or restricted. There is also a potential suffocation risk as well. As a result, the Consumer Products Safety Commission is considering issuing new regulations on nursing pillows and similar products. This is prompted by investigations into how these products are marketed by the manufacturers, which seem to encourage multi-purpose functions of a nursing pillow, including using the pillows for sleep.

It is the responsibility of manufacturers of these types of products to ensure they do not pose an unreasonable risk of harm or injury. As these products can be deadly, manufacturers should be required to not just manufacture a safe infant maternity product, but also to provide adequate warnings, instructions, and provide marketing efforts that do not mislead consumers about product usage and safety.

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