Toyota Recall of Latest Model of Tundra and Hybrid Tundra

Figure 1: 2023 Toyota Tundra. Photo credit:

In August 2023, the well-known automaker “Toyota” is under some heat, physically and literally, as more than 168,000 vehicles are estimated to be recalled due to a concern of a possible fuel leak which is causing the trucks to catch on fire. “The trucks are equipped with a plastic fuel tube, which can move and rub against a brake line, and develop a fuel leak”, Toyota Claims. A fuel leak is an ignition source, which can also increase the risk of fire.

Toyota claims that they are “currently preparing the remedy parts for this recall.” And that your local Toyota dealership can fix your problem by installing a protective material and a clamp on the fuel tube. Seems like an easy fix as Toyota creates a solution for this massive recall. But what they will not mention to you is that this is the seventh recall involving the 2022 and 2023 Tundra model trucks. Previous recalls such as electronic parking brake system, loose axle nuts, and software issues with the vehicle’s back up camera. Toyota cannot seem to catch a break. The most recent recall was on July 7th for improperly welded chains, which are used to hold a spare tire underneath the vehicle.

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