Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Obtained for Injured Worker

Partner Muhammad Aziz and associate Lena Laurenzo have obtained a multi-million-dollar settlement on behalf of their client who was injured in a shipyard incident involving crane lifting operations. The client was working at a shipyard during crane operations when something went terribly wrong. When the crane picked up a load, it violently struck the worker and caused him serious injuries all over his body.

Mr. Aziz and Mrs. Laurenzo went straight to work investigating the incident and filed a lawsuit against the shipyard owner and the crane company involved in the crane operations. The worker ultimately needed multiple surgeries and was able to focus on his recovery while his legal team took numerous depositions and reviewed thousands of pages of evidence, photographs, and industry standards. The lawsuit focused on the lack of safety planning as well as the lack of safety communication and measures before and during the crane operations. The team uncovered that the incident was entirely preventable as there were clear warning signs that were ignored before the worker was injured.

The legal team was fully prepared to take the case to trial so that a jury could hold the responsible companies accountable. The companies ultimately paid several million dollars to resolve the worker’s claims.

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