Kia Recalls Electric Oil Pump Assembly Due to Fire

On July 31, 2023, Kia America, Inc. announced a recall of certain electric oil pump assemblies due to a fire hazard. This recall affects Soul, Sportage, and Seltos years 2023 and 2024. According to USA Today, the electronic controller for the Idle, Stop, and Go pump may contain damaged electrical components. The damaged electrical components can lead to overheating and fire. 

For more information on this recall, consumers may visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration or the NHTSA’s website at According to the NHTSA, consumers are advised to park their vehicles away from structures until the recall repair is complete.  Kia dealerships are supposed to inspect and replace the electric oil pump controllers free of charge.  Also, consumers may contact Kia customer service at 1-888-327-4236 for further instructions.

Car fires are a serious problem in the United States and globally. Just in the United States in 2021 there were 117,400 vehicle fires. According to U.S. Fire Administration, should your vehicle catch fire you should: 1) pull over as quickly as possible; 2) turn the engine off; 3) get all passengers out of the burning vehicle and never return to a burning vehicle; 4) do not open the hood, if you believe there is a fire in the engine compartment; 5) move everyone at least 100 feet from the burning vehicle; and 6) call 911. 

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