Zip Lining Injuries on the Rise

The family of a six-year-old boy said they plan to file suit after the boy fell more than forty feet from a zip line when his harness snapped. The boy was on a family trip at an amusement park in Mexico, and luckily, he survived the terrifying fall. The incident is the latest in a string of injuries from zip lining.

Last week, another six-year-old was injured in Georgia while zip lining. The child’s father says he plans to file a lawsuit against the adventure park, alleging that he was forced to save his daughter when the rope of the zip line became wrapped around her neck and started to strangle her. In another recent incident, a zip line guide was hospitalized after a zip liner came crashing into him at 30 mph, knocking him unconscious immediately upon impact. The guide was attempting to rescue a young boy who had gotten stuck on the lines when he was hit.

Ian Adamson, an adventure and obstacle sports expert, told Good Morning America that zip lining can be hazardous. Adamson explained that zip lines are not federally regulated. “There are standards, and the standards are quite good. But not everyone complies and they’re not mandatory. So just be aware.” Experts say avoiding worn-down equipment can help prevent disaster on the zip line. Checking reviews of zip line companies is also recommended.

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